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Dhaka to Sylhet flight -Air Ticket price- Air schedule and All information


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As the root city of Bangladesh Sylhet is one of them. Sylhet city is known as the tourist capital of Bangladesh. There is a lot of tourist attraction in Sylhet such as

Lalakhal-The most attractive tourist spots in Sylhet


Bholaganj (ভোলাগঞ্জ ) Sylhet

Ratargul swamp forest – Sylhet

How to go Dhaka to Sylhet:

There are mainly 3 ways to go Sylhet we will discuss it in last.

Distance and time of Dhaka Sylhet route:

We will give you some information about the Dhaka to Sylhet route. The main three ways to go from Dhaka to Sylhet are by Road, By Rail, and By Air. These three ways will give you three types of benefits.

Dhaka to Sylhet By Air:

The most reliable and comfortable way is Dhaka to Sylhet by air. The airways will be ideal for those who want to reach Dhaka to Sylhet very fastly. You will reach Dhaka to Sylhet in a short time from within 45 minutes to 50 minutes. Undoubtedly this is the fastest way to Dhaka Sylhet route. The planes flew from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka and landed at Osmani International Airport. If the cost is a bit higher here but considering the short time, the best way to go from Dhaka to Sylhet is by air.

Dhaka to Sylhet By Road:

There are usually two ways to go from Dhaka to Sylhet: By road and By AIr. The distance from Dhaka to Sylhet by road is about 239 kilometer. It takes 3-5 hours to cross this path. And if there are different traffic jams including Eid, Puja then it takes longer. Almost all major transport companies provide bus service on Dhaka Sylhet route.

Dhaka to Sylhet By Railway:

Train service is very good on Dhaka Sylhet route. There are four trains namely Surma, Upobon, Parbat and Jayantika Express which regularly operate on the Dhaka Sylhet route. The train leaves from Kamalapur railway station and reaches Srimangal Sylhet. It takes about 7 hours to 8 hours.

Dhaka to Sylhet air schedule:

There are very good airlines are available to go Dhaka to Sylhet and those are very reliable.

Here are Dhaka to Sylhet air-lines services:


Dhaka to Sylhet air schedule and Dhaka to Sylhet flight fare :

Airlines Lowest Price Highest Price
Biman Bangladesh 1400 7000
Novoair 1700 6500
Us Bangla 2600 2900

Dhaka to Sylhet air schedule:

Day  Daily Airlines
Saturday  Biman Bangladesh (4 flights)Novoair (1 flight) 

US Bangla (4 flights)

Sunday  Biman Bangladesh (3 flights)Novoair (1 flight)

US Bangla (4 flights)

Monday  Biman Bangladesh (2 flights)Novoair (1 flight)

US Bangla (4 flights)

Tuesday  Biman Bangladesh (3 flights)Novoair (1 flight)

US Bangla (4 flights)

Wednesday  Biman Bangladesh (3 flights)Novoair (1 flight)

US Bangla (4 flights)

Thursday  Biman Bangladesh (3 flights)Novoair (1 flight)

US Bangla (4 flights)

Friday Biman Bangladesh (3 flights)
Novoair (1 flight)
US Bangla (4 flights)


Dhaka to Sylhet air ticket price us Bangla:

Dhaka to Sylhet air ticket price us Bangla is 2600 Tk to 2800 Tk. (only from us).

Dhaka to Sylhet air ticket price Biman:

Dhaka to Sylhet air ticket price Biman is 1400Tk to 2400 Tk. (only from us).


Dhaka to Sylhet air ticket price novoair:

Dhaka to Sylhet air ticket price novoair is 2400 to 2900 Tk. (only from us).

How to purchase a Dhaka Sylhet air ticket:

You can buy tickets from the airline of your choice. You can also book tickets from websites. Those who like discount can get a ticket from the travel agency. In that case, you can get some discounts. Bangladesh Travel is one of the most reliable and trust online & offline travel agencies in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Travel provides all kinds of air tickets (domestic & international). From here you can take any plane ticket from home.


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Nikli Haor – নিকলী হাওর, কিশোরগঞ্জ

Nikli Haor:

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Nikli is one of the most attractive haors in beautiful Bangladesh. The beauty of nikli haor you can’t imagine. When you are bored to handle city life, traffic jams, business, office, Nikli will give you a chance to forget about everything behind for some time. Floating on the vast waters, you can lighten your body by looking at the blue sky.

Nikli Haor is located in the Nikli Upazila of Kishoreganj district. The distance from Kishoreganj Sadar to Nikli Upazila is about 25 kilometer.

when you float in the water If you do not see a village at one stage, you may feel like a calm sea. Sometime you will see the incredibly beautiful little green villages floating on the water. You can stop the boat and visit the village. You may be surprised if you talk to people. You may think that the nature of human beings has become like water in order to live with water.

You can buy snacks from different village markets which are float in water. Sitting on a boat roof in the open air under the open sky how was feel the can’t express it.


Nikli Haor
IMG: Tarek

See another Ratargul in Nikli haor:

To see the view you have to go chatirchor.A green forest drowned underwater. Green trees are placed in the layer by layer. You will be floating in the water along the chest of the tree. You might think it is another ratargul.It takes about an hour to get straight from nikli beribadh. If you rent a boat for 3 hours you will be able to cover these things.

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Magic paradise comilla (ম্যাজিক প্যারাডাইস পার্ক)

Magic paradise Comilla (ম্যাজিক প্যারাডাইস পার্ক)

Magic paradise park is the most beautiful and large park in Comilla. Magic Paradise Park Comilla is located in the Kotbari area. The large water park, more than 20 rides, dinosaur park, picnic spot, the most beautiful and large amusement park is called magic paradise in Comilla.


Risang waterfall (রিসাং ঝর্ণা) -Khagrachari

Risang waterfall(রিসাং ঝর্ণা) – Khagrachari

Risang waterfall is one of the beautiful things in khagrachari.The whole list of waterfalls in Bangladesh risang waterfall khagrachari is one of them.

Risang waterfall is located in Matiranga Upazila.just 1 km from Khagrachari District, 3 km from Tourist Motel. And 2 km from Alutilla.The Risang Jhorna is known as the ‘সাপ মারা  Risang jorna’.The word of marma, Risang means the flow of water from a high place. Another name of the risang jhorna is Terang Tikalai(তেরাং তৈকালাই).

risang waterfall
risang waterfall

As you go north from the main road, you will hear the sound of waterfalls. There are two waterfalls here as well. Another waterfall is known as the  Risang waterfall 2 or “opu waterfall”.Roads have been constructed along a paved stage to facilitate tourists. So it is easy to go to the waterfall.

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